Pays for itself in 7 months
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Set a Schedule from Your Mobile
Never come home to a cold house again
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The 5-minute Installation
Yes, your HUB Controller is that simple to install
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Smart Temperature Control
Turn it on and off, after a week the HUB knows what to do
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What Our Customers Are Saying

I can really see this being a major success with heating installers and consumers.  The simplicity of the installation, the ease of use and the saving functions make this unlike any other smart thermostat.

Trade Merchant, Leicester
What Our Customers Are Saying

The HUB Controller gives me everything I want from a smart thermostat. Now that I understand how much I'm spending on my heating I can use the mobile app to turn it on and off, saving me money.

Consumer, Dublin
What Our Customers Are Saying

Compared to other products on the market, the HUB Controller is so much easier to install. The two-wire solution allows me to complete an installation in a matter of minutes.

Plumber, Cork

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