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To the vast majority of people, a kilowatt hour has about as much meaning as a kiwi fruit when it comes to their home energy usage. And cubic meters of gas aren't a lot of help either. Most of us measure our home heating in terms of comfort and how much it costs. It's the size of the bill that counts rather than the amount of energy consumed. 

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Product Design Award, Consumer Products
People's Choice Award

Commendation for Universal Design

Regional Winners, ILDN Awards

Our Start-up of the week is HUB Controls, creator of what it claims to be a first-of-its-kind household bills controller and the only smart thermostat that shows customers how much they are spending in real time. 

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Bank of Ireland Startup Award, Product & Manufacturing

HUB Controls' CEO, Oliver Hynes, on the RTE Innovation Show, discussing a wide range of topics from start-ups, IoT and innovation. 




Startup Europe National Award, Smart Cities