How it Works

The Innovative Technology Behind the HUB Controller

5-minute installation

Mechanical thermostats require two wires (Live and V1), so most homes will only have those wires already connected to the wall. Smart thermostats require an additional power wire, usually known as the 'common wire' or 'Neutral wire'. This means that, in order to fit a regular smart thermostat, installers need to connect that third wire, which results in expensive and time-consuming installations. 

A revolutionary '2-wire' power solution makes the HUB Controller the first smart thermostat that can simply replace any mechanical thermostat. What does this mean? We developed a rechargeable battery that draws power from the 2 existing wires in the wall. Our patented innovation allows the HUB Controller to charge itself without requiring a third wire. This solution makes our device compatible with any heating system, without any need to change the existing wires. 

The HUB Controller can be installed in as little as 5 minutes, as you can see in our installation video here. 

Learning your habits

The HUB Controller lets you create your own heating schedule easily. You can set the heating to come on at any time you want on any day of the week, according to your daily habits. After the first week, the HUB Controller will know what to do – you can simply set it and forget it. Our software records the times and the days when you set the heating to come on and will replicate it on the following weeks. You can overwrite the schedule at any time.

Superior data security
We make sure that all your data is protected with advanced security practices. The information about your heating preferences, heating schedule, passwords, etc. will be encrypted and then stored in our Cloud engine. The HUB Controller will be communicating with our Cloud engine on a regular basis, which means that the device itself doesn’t require a high memory capacity.


Mobile control
With the HUB Controller, you can control the heating in your home remotely via your mobile phone. Our mobile app allows you to set a heating schedule, or even overwrite the heating schedule already set, adjusting perfectly to your liking.

During the first 4 billing cycles, the HUB Controller will be in learning mode. This means that, while you won’t be able to control a heating budget during that period of time, the HUB will be adjusting the algorithm to your data – your energy supplier, your heating system, your home, your habits. After that period of time, you will be able to set a heating budget (daily, weekly or monthly) and the HUB will manage it for you.
Our algorithm will control the heating efficiently to keep you warm and still keep the budget you set. You will be able to overwrite the budget at any time.


Technical Specifications


  • TFT LCD resistive touch screen
  • Transmissive/Negative display mode
  • RGB Interface 
  • Resolution: 800 x 480px
  • 5in (12.7cm) diameter 
  • Weight: 135g 
  • Response time: 12 mins

Size and Weight 

  • Weight: 320g
  • Width: 5.12 in (130 mm) 
  • Height: 3.46 in (88 mm)
  • Depth: 1.29 in (3.275)

Wireless and and Security


  • Self-contained ultra low power Wi-Fi module 
  • IEEE Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi transceiver 
  • 802.11g: up to 54 Mbps 
  • Frequency Band 2.484 GHz (WLAN Channels 1-13)
  • Wi-Fi security modes including Open, WEP, WPA and WPA2-PSK
  • Network Security TLS1.2, HTTPS