What is HubController?

Hub replaces your current heating controls
and you get all the benefits from smart heating control
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I guarantee savings on your heating bills


I reduce a tonne of carbon per year


I have an app that allows you to control your heating from anywhere!


Don't take our word for it.

We completed the largest study of its kind across 800 Irish homes over 3 years. This study was independently verified by Ulster University, PMCA Economic Consulting and SEAI.
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Proven savings.

This study has found that the Hub Controller saves an average of €274 off their heating bills each year per household.


Save the planet.

HubCommunity had collectively saved over 41.7 million kWh and 8,423 tonnes of carbon.


Stay warm.

This study proved homes with a HubController use on average 34.7% less energy for home heating without having to change desired lifestyle.


How to get a HubController?

Easy peasy.
€380 covers the cost of the system and installation.
Government's subsidy covered the total cost up to 2020 but it's now halved.
Missed it? Don't worry.
You can still get €280 of the total cost subsidised.
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  1. We'll install a Hub Controller for free
  2. We'll up keep it for the time it's on the wall.
  3. We'll give you money back, if you don't save after one year.

  4. Buy Hub Controller for €100 if you meet subsidy criteria
  5. We'll install a Hub Controller for free
  6. We'll give you money back, if you don't save after one year.
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