Wifi Home Thermostat Ireland


5-min Installation
James used a qualified installer to install
his HUB Controller and it took only 5 minutes! 

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 Installation video


Smart Thermostat Ireland - Quick & Easy Install                   Easy to set up

Once the HUB was installed, all James had to do was connect to the Wi-Fi network and add himself as a user.

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Control on the go                         
James connected the HUB to his smart phone
and now he monitors and controls his heating
remotely. He even set a schedule for the week. 




        Total Control

If James gets home early from work, he can turn his heating on and off and even boost it if he likes.  

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Designed around you

The HUB sits perfectly on James's wall.
The aluminium against the soft touch black
rubber simply blends in with his home style. 



         Set it and forget it

After the first week the HUB learned James's schedule, saving his heating preferences and heating his home just to his liking.   




Go on holidays relaxed

When James and the family went on holidays for a few      
he simply activated the 'Holiday Mode' from his
phone. This way he continued to save money and the
HUB remembered his normal schedule when he got




        The kids are alright 

The kids can play safely around the HUB Controller as the only way to remove it from the wall is to use the 'Child Safety Tool'   



Pays for itself                

James saved 31.8% on his heating bills      
and this meant that the HUB payed for
itself after 7 months.

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HUB Savings Calculator >




            The home gets smarter 

8 months down the line and James can see how much money he is spending on heating in real time. Soon he'll be able to monitor and control all his utility bills effortlessly.