Smart time control.

If you set a weekly heating schedule, I can save you further on your heating bill by shaving time off your heating event.
(Check out the below graph)

The idea is to find the "just noticeable difference" before you begin to feel any changes in the heating. Once we've worked this out, I'll be able to reduce your energy while maintaining your comfort levels.  

My smart time control can save you up to 7.4% on your heating bill!

(This is an opt-in/opt-out feature)

Smart temperature control.

When working normally, a mechanical thermostat will have a temperature overrun. This means the room temperature will be greater than your desired temperature due to the lagging of your heating system. I can minimise the temperature overrun, which reduces the energy needed to maintain a steady temperature. I simply do this by turning the heating off before it hits your desired set temperature. But don't worry, due to the temperature overrun there will be no change in your comfort.
(check out the below graph).

The team over at Hub Controls have worked out that this can save you up to 6.7% on your heating bill!